Frequently Asked Questions

Which is more durable and why, quartz or granite?

Quartz is more durable due to the resin in the composition of the product for inside use, but it fades more from UV rays. Granite is more suited for outside use, but is softer if there is a lot of grain.

What makes outdoor cabinetry more expensive than indoor?

Quality Outdoor kitchens are more of a polymer based construction and are more expensive from the raw material costs. The stainless steel hardware is much more expensive.

When purchasing outdoor cabinets and countertops, what questions should I be asking about the materials? What should I be looking for in durability?

Starboard and ResinKast are the best compounds compared to stucco. They are much more durable for wear and maintenance. Wood has a tendency to split and crack in the Florida heat and sunlight. IPE is the exception compared to most woods, but it is very heavy and needs a lot of frequent refinishing. For the best value in countertops for the outside, granite would be the first choice. Solid surface materials are the best, but cost much more than granite.

What is the difference between resin, PVC, and Starboard?

All are petroleum based products. PVC and Starboard have structural strength, resin based products do not. Resin and PVC will allow other products to be glued to their surface. Starboard will not allow anything to be glued to its surface since it is a polyethylene. Startboard and PVC have good holding power for metal fasteners. Resin is a urethane foam with minimal fastener holding power.