Granite & Marble



Granite can be understated or have great character and movement. All granite is heat, bacteria and scratch resistant with great durability. It will not stain under normal use even when exposed to citric acid, coffee, tea, alcohol and wine. Most of our granite slabs are a 3cm (1-1/4″) thickness but we do have some colors in 2cm (3/4″). Quartzites listed in this section are very hard and can be used in similar installations as granites.We offer over 1000┬ácolors of granite and quartzite with new items arriving all the time.


Marble is known for its beauty and elegance. The color range features many light, creamy colors in beiges and white, however there are deep browns, gold, blacks, reds, greens and more. Although slightly softer than granite, marble is commonly used for bathroom walls, vanity tops, tub decks, showers, fireplace facings and windowsills. Currently we have more than 75 marble selections.